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This template resolves to a table (in desktop environment) or a bullet list (in mobile environment) containing all the skills from Rogue Mastery.


Code Result
{{Rogue Mastery Skill Tree}} (desktop)
Points Skills
40 BladeBarrier.png SkillBarTop.png PoisonMayhem.png
32 SkillBarTop.png MortalWound.png SkillBarTop.png FlurryOfKnives.png SkillBarTop.png ImprovedFiringMechanism.png SkillBarMiddle.png
24 SkillBarMiddle.png Anatomy.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarTop.png Mandrake.png SkillBarConnector.png Shrapnel.png
16 SkillBarBottom.png LethalStrike.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarConnector.png RapidConstruction.png SkillBarConnector.png ToxinDistillation.png SkillBarMiddle.png
10 SkillBarTop.png LuckyHit.png OpenWound.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarBottom.png LayTrap.png SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarBottom.png PoisonGasBomb.png
4 SkillBarMiddle.png SkillBarBottom.png ThrowingKnife.png DisarmTraps.png SkillBarConnector.png Nightshade.png FlashPowder.png
1 SkillBarBottom.png CalculatedStrike.png BladeHoning.png SkillBarBottom.png EnvenomWeapon.png
{{Rogue Mastery Skill Tree}} (mobile) Numbers in brackets indicates required mastery level, indents indicates skill upgrades.