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This template expands to Skill Infobox.


Parameter Description
icon In game icon of a skill
title Skill name (can be ommited if it matches page name)
mastery Mastery name (Defense, Dream, Earth, Hunting, Nature, Rogue, Runes, Spirit, Storm or Warfare)
tier Skill tier (1 to 6)
cooldown Skill cooldown (if there is any)
skillType Skill type (Active, Passive or Modifier)
maxLevel Maximum skill level (6, 8, 10, 12 or 16)
qualifyingWeapons Weapon types that can be used in conjunction with this skill
associatedSkills Skills connected within skill tree


Code Result
  {{Template:Infobox Skill
   | icon              = CounterAttack.png
   | title             = Counter Attack
   | mastery           = warfare
   | tier              = 5
   | cooldown = none
   | skillType         = Modifier
   | maxLevel          = 12
   | qualifyingWeapons =
   | associatedSkills  =
     [[Image:BattleRage.png|link=Battle Rage]]
     [[Image:CrushingBlow.png|link=Crushing Blow]]

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