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Lovely forest, that lies near river to the west of Village of Tegea and inhabited by Spiders, Arachnoses and one friendly nymph.


Points of Interest

Tegea Spring

Small sublocation and part of the Tegea Forest, located in a southern corner of the region.

Fetid Lair

Another sublocation of the Tegea Forest. This is natural cave, located in north-western corner of the region and crawl with Spiders and Arachnoses.



  • Pegaea - Water Nymph. Related to the quest The Poisoned Spring. Claims her water is tainted and she is ill. Vile spiders have taken over a cave near the water's source, and they are the cause of the poison.
    • Mortal I am a naiad, the spirit of this spring. Pegaea I am called. My water has been tainted and I am ill. Vile spiders have come to dwell in a cave by my water's source. They are the cause of the poison.
    • If the spiders are not destroyed, I will grow weaker - or worse, I will become foul and corrupted in my nature.
    • A naiad is a water spirit. That is what I am. Not everything that is unhuman has been touched by this plague of madness.
    • Spring, after being cleansed.

      As long as the spiders continue to poison this spring, I will be sick, and sicken those who drink from me. Find the source of these waters and you will find the spiders.
    • After spiders was killed:
    • You have cleansed the poison from the cave. My water will run clear and clean again.
    • Thank you, stranger.


  • Baleful and Regular Arachnos ( Insectoid ): Drone, Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Spellweaver, Deathspinner ( Champion )
  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Web Crawler, Cavern Crawler

In Fetid Lair:

  • Arachnos ( Insectoid ): Drone, Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Spellweaver, Deathspinner ( Champion )
  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Web Crawler, Cavern Crawler, Orbed Weaver


  • Deathspinners in the Fetid Lair a bit different from their normal counterparts from outside and other locations. They don't have +% Attack Speed aura, but instead can use Poison Gas Bomb skill.
  • Pegaea is one of very few friendly monsters in the game.
  • In Greek mythology, the Naiads or Nymphs are a type of female spirit, presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water.

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