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Talos - Master Automatoi

Talos casting Flame Thrower

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Talos is a unique Automatoi Boss and is located at the entrance of the Minoan Labyrinth (Act I) only in Epic and Legendary.


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


  • Thunder Stomp: Stomps on the ground, releasing lightning in a certain radius.
  • Chain Swing: Uses his chain to whip you, also does Fire Damage.
  • Flame Thrower: Does a significant amount of Fire and Burn Damage.


Important resistances:

Talos using Chain Swing

Talos will never stop trying to reach melee range, however if you are a ranged character he will spend most of his time casting Flame Thrower while chasing you as it has a 1 second cooldown. Thus you should mainly focus on either dodging the flames or stacking Fire Resistance. If you are a melee character you should also try to stack Fire Resistance but Talos will cast Flame Thrower only every 5 seconds. At melee range, Talos will Stomp every 6 seconds dealing a lot of Lightning Damage, if you are fast enough you can and should try to run away when you see him lifting his right leg. Without a lot of Health and High Resistances most of his spells are likely to one shot you.