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The squabbling merchants

Audhild, in front of her home

Audhild does not care who inherits the smithy

This is a Side Quest from The North (Act V). Two brothers are squabbling over who gets to inherit their father's forge. The left one is the elder and claims that this makes him the heir according to tradition. The younger deems himself the better smith and therefore rightful heir of their father, especially since the elder brother wants to branch out into selling clothing and abandon selling weapons.


  1. The quest automatically starts when you get near the squabbling brothers in Kaupangr.
  2. Create the Lupine Necklace from the design you get from the The Craftsman's Passion side quest.
  3. Give the necklace to chieftain Audhild in Kaupangr, or give her Giesel pelt acquired from Giesel side quest (let Giesel die). She gives you Audhild's Permit in return.
  4. Talk to the brother you think should get the smithy (Audhild does not care who inherits it).


  • 30k / 75k / 210k Experience (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Armor or Weapon (depending on who inherits the smithy)