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Albino Spiders - Minions and Queen

Spiders are a series of monsters of the Insectoid family encountered several times in the game. In Greece they usually dwell in forests but also dungeons and caverns, often accompanied by Arachnoses. In Orient, new types of spiders will appear first in Babylon and later in forests and certain caverns. Later in Hades, Albino spiders are encountered.

Spiders are generally slow-moving and aren't much of a threat, though their bites can be damaging as they often inflict life-leech damage or poison, and some of them can slow down the player by spitting viscous balls of webs or cover the ground in webs which stop both the player and ranged attacks / spells.

Monster Charm: May drop a Venom Sac ( Acts 1-2 ), Albino Spider Web ( Act 4 ) or Eitr ( Act 5 ) fragment.


  • Web Crawler: Minions of Arachnoses, they always follow them wherever they go. Can deal Poison damage and inflict Life Leech, but aren't a threat. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Poison, Life Leech.
  • Spider Broodling: Another of minion-type spiders. Not much difference between them and Web Crawlers. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Poison, Life Leech.
  • Cavern/Catacomb Crawler: The most commonly encountered spiders. They come in different sizes and colors, but they overall acts the same. Their attacks causes Life Leech and can Poison enemies. Despite their name, they often can be encountered outside of caverns and catacombs. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Poison, Life Leech.

    A group of Cavern Crawlers leaded by Orbed Weaver

  • Orbed Weaver ( Champion ): A different kind of spider. These have fatter, round bodies and skinnier legs, and are usually found leading other smaller spiders. They often attack from afar with a ball of sticky web, which slows down the character if he walks in it. The web is actually a device and can be destroyed if attacked, or vanishes when the spider is killed. Their bite attacks can cause Poison damage and Life Leech. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Poison, Life Leech.
  • Deadly Orbed Stalker ( Champion ): Looks kinda similar to the Orbed Weaver, except that is blue and transparent. He can deal a lot of damage plus he have Life Leech. Will be better, if you kill him fast. Thankfully he doesn't have much health points. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Life Leech.
  • Orbed Brood Mother: Nearly identical to the Orbed Weaver, except for being darker in color. She lacks a web attack, but can summon three spiderlings to attack.
  • Forest Spiders: They cause very high physical and bleed damage. Can be found in the Orient, mainly in forests and in the Gardens of Babylon.
  • Tropical Spider: Spiders found first in Babylon with thin legs and thin, yellow bodies. They're faster than their cousins and attack with poison damage.
  • Tropical Widow: Similar to the Brood Mother, but larger and yellow-colored. They're stronger and inflict poison damage.
  • Albino Spider: Pale spiders met in Hades, they're incredibly dangerous in numbers: when at least two Albino Spiders are near, they're connected by a red lightning: as long as the spiders are alive, the surge periodically casts an highly damaging thunderbolt. The more spiders are connected, the stronger the bolt is.
  • Albino Spider Queen: The pale counterpart of the Orbed spider model, they can block the player in one place with their webs.
  • Yggdrasil Spider: Description of its abilities and how strong it is? A Spider encountered late in The North (Act V), first on the Seventh Branch of Yggdrasil.