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Spartans at War is the second chapter of the Main Quest. You receive this quest from the village elder of Helos upon completing the first main quest, A Troubled Village. In this chapter, you travel to the Spartan war-camp, defeat a centaur to prove your worth and gain an audience with their leader, Leonidas.


  • Leonidas

    Nessus the Centaur Chieftain

    Find Leonidas in Sparta
    • Find the great Spartan general, Leonidas, and beg him to send soldiers to protect the village Helos. Perhaps he will also know more of the strange monsters, and where they come from. Travel through Laconia and on to Sparta.


  1. Follow the route Village of Helos - Laconia - Laconia Woods - Laconia Hills - Spartan Road - Spartan War-Camp
  2. Speak with Brasidas near Leonidas tent.
  3. Go to the northern side of Pellana Valley and kill Nessus, first Boss Monster in the game.
  4. Return to the Spartan War-Camp and speak with Brasidas again, he will grant you audience with Leonidas.
  5. Speak with Leonidas to complete the quest.


Leonidas has pledged to send some Spartan warriors to the village. He does not know where the monsters are coming from, but told you to go the Oracle of Delphi for answers.

  • Experience: 750 / 32k / 70k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 1 Skill Point