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Rocky forest, that lies to the north of the Spartan War-Camp, and filled with danger.


Points of Interest

Satyr Camps

In this region you can find two small Satyr camps to the left and right from main road soon enough after entering the region. Another, but bigger camp located just on the way to Village of Tegea. Here you sometimes can find Satyr Heroes.

Spider Forest

If you go from main Satyr camp to the west, soon you will find small forest patch near the lake, filled with Arachnoses and their lesser brethren - Spiders.

Natural Cave

On the far edge of this region lies enter to the small local Natural Cave with even more Arachnoses and Spiders inside. Also, if you playing on Epic difficulty or higher, entrance to Natural Cave will be guarded by mighty giant Boar Snatcher. Be careful!


  • Ravenous and Monstrous Boar ( Beast )
  • Carrion Crow ( Beast )
  • Satyr and Dark Satyr ( Beastman ): Veteran Warrior, Elite Warrior, Veteran Skirmisher, Elite Skirmisher, Peltast, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Boar Rider ( Champion ), Shaman ( Champion ), Fire Magi ( Champion ), Brute ( Champion ), Guardian ( Champion ), Pillager ( Champion )
  • Brush Harpy ( Beastman ): Crone
  • Highland and Regular Centaur ( Beastman ): Trapper, Ranger, Marauder
  • Arachnos ( Insectoid ): Drone, Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Spellweaver, Deathspinner ( Champion )
  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Web Crawler, Cavern Crawler, Spider Broodling

Inside the Natural Cave:

  • Arachnos ( Insectoid ): Drone, Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Deathspinner ( Champion )
  • Spider ( Insectoid ): Web Crawler, Spider Broodling, Catacomb Crawler, Deadly Orbed Stalker ( Champion )


  • Each time the game is loaded from main menu, one fragment of Boar Hide charm will spawn near body of a dead boar on the entrance to Natural Cave with high probability.

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