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The Spartan war camp (Act I) is between Helos and Tegea and is located on a hill overlooking the Pellana Valley. Here you meet General Leonidas for the first time, after taking care of a four-legged threat to humanity of course.



  • Leonidas - Spartan General. You must speak to him to complete the Spartans at War quest and receive the The Words of the Oracle main quest after that.
    • So you're the one who brought the Centaur down! I thought only a Spartan warrior could accomplish such a feat. So you are here on Diomedes' behalf? Very well. I will send a few of my men to defend his village. This isn't the first petition I've received requesting assistance. These beasts are everywhere now, and the lazy citizens who mocked Spartan discipline now whine for our help! No matter; those creatures will regret the day they dared to step on Spartan soil. You must journey to the Oracle of Delphi. She will know where these monsters come from. I'd send a Spartan warrior, but I need all of them for battle. Go to Megara and find my old friend Timon. He can help you acquire a proper offering for the Oracle. Young warrior, remember: bravery is not born, it is made.
    • Go now. I have things to attend to.
    • I said go!
  • Brasidas - Leonidas' Guard. Lets you meet with General Leonidas ... if you kill Nessus.
    • Hold it there, no civilian gets in to see General Leonidas, especially when he's in a council of war. Well.. look: a particularly savage centaur named Nessus killed several of our farmers. He runs wild in the Pellana Valley. We don't have the men to send after in right now. Kill the beast and I'll see you get to speak to Leonidas.
    • If - when you've killed that oversized man-horse, come back to me.
    • Normally, you'd be out of luck, but that monster killed two of my friends. The Pellana Valley lies at the foot of our camp.
    • Return to me only when you've killed it.
    • After Nessus is killed:
    • So you killed it? I have to say, I didn't think you would. You're no Spartan. Speak with the General if you must. Be quick! Leonidas is a busy man.
    • Go on, don't make him wait.
    • After talking to Leonidas:
    • The Oracle, is that it? Take heart. It might not be a task for a Spartan, but it's no petty errand for a messenger either. Remember, you go in the name of General Leonidas - and of mighty Sparta.
    • Thank you again for slaying that beast. WIth Aeolus, god of winds, may you travel far and unhindered.
    • Remember - discipline. By discipline a Spartan lives and fights, and prevails.
    • No, I'm sorry. I can't get you another audience with our general.
    • That centaur was as savage and wily as they come. You must have been quite a warrior to have defeated him.
    • Safe travels, stranger.
  • Paralus - Spartan Soldier. Tells you where to find General Leonidas.
    • General Leonidas? He's just ahead, but he doesn't speak with commoners who arrive uninvited.
    • I told you, he's in the camp. He stands beneath the Spartan banner.
    • I told you, just keep going, you'll find him.
    • Let me be, stranger.
    • After Nessus is killed:
    • You killed it? Really? I mistook you stranger. Though you're no Spartan, you can fight.
    • I only wish a Spartan hand had avenged Spartan blood.
    • I'm glad it's dead.
    • Farewell.
  • Cleippides - Spartan Veteran. An old warrior, who recalls past battles with Persians and Macedonians. According to him the beasts invading Greece are very unusual enemies even for veteran warriors of Sparta.
    • I'll tell you, stranger, we've seen invasions. Macedonians, the Persians - a human enemy may lower his weapon and yield. But these monsters only yield to death.
    • It's true they may be coming from some foreign land. But I say they were here all along - unseen.
    • I've been in wars. There you can look your enemy full in the eye - he looks back. The eyes of the beast, they are cold, black beads.
    • We know not where they are from, or what fuels their wrath. In places where the corrupt beasts don't hunt us, the dead crawl from the cold ground and take arms against us.
    • I woke this dawn. I'll see satyrs fall at my spear's tip before I sleep.
    • If this plague of beasts persists, soon the only Greeks will be warriors.
  • Cephisus - Young Soldier. An eager young man, who wants to become a hero by fighting the beasts that invaded Greece.
    • I'll tell you the truth - I just joined Leonidas' men today. My father gave me permission - and his old spear and shield - and I took off like Hermes himself.
    • I can't wait to start the fighting. Just let me get my spear-tip near one of those cursed satyrs..
    • The old soldiers, they scoff. They say you prove youself figting men. But didn't Herakles fight fabulous beasts? And Theseus, too.
    • I'll tell you, this is the time for heroes!
    • I know it's awful, those beasts should not attack old men and children. They're cowards. They should attack us. We Spartans could take on a sea of those dull-eyed harpies and centaurs!
    • I can't wait!
  • Dascylus - Spartan Soldier. Describes the efforts of the Spartans in containing the threat of the beasts.
    • First we throught out enemy stemmed from Corinth. We marched to meet them, but everywhere they attacked; from our flanks, from behind, at night, even in broad day!
    • General Leonidas is as great a man as I've ever followed. I would place my life in his hands. Still... I don't see how to fight these beasts.
    • The monsters show no fear and attack on sight. We are better warriors, but many of us are unnerved by it. They are truly beasts.
    • Now we're trying to push the beasts beyond our borders. We patrol the roads and clear our farmers' fields - they just keep coming. I do now know what General Leonidas has planned. But I will follow and I will fight.
    • Be wary, traveler, these beasts do not fight like men.
  • Euthycles - Melancholic Spartan. Spartan warrior who worried about his older friend and father figure, Hippias, and ask you to find him. Gives The Ancient of War quest.
    • If I look worried it's because Hippias, an ancient of war and a father figure to me, wandered off into the valley this morning and has not come back. He is getting old and thinks he still has his former strength and speed.
    • To be honest, it is not safe for any man alone out there. Centaurs and other beasts wander the valley.
    • After Hippias is saved:
    • Hippias was okay? Just standing there? Well, I should have known better than to worry about old Hippias. Here, take this for your trouble.
    • Old Hippias was the most feared warrior of his time. At a tenth of his strength, it seems he's still more a warrior than some men.
    • Thank you, stranger. I'll worry for the old man no more.
  • Agathon - Spartan Watch
  • Nicanor - Enchanter
    • Reclaim a relic! Reclaim an item!
    • Have you own a artifact? Build to order!
    • Formula! Formula for artifacts!
    • No reagents - no artifact!
    • All enchanting services right here!
    • Thank you! Come again!
    • Thank you!
    • Apollo watch over you!
    • Remember, you must wear an artifact!
  • Teres - Blacksmith
    • I'm busy enough supplying this Spartans. Howdy, what do you want?
    • I don't know you, so don't expect credit, you hear?
    • What is it this time?
    • What?
    • Yes?
    • You again?
    • More loitering?
    • Thank you for not loitering.
    • Goodbye.
    • Okay.
    • Bye.
  • Phalius - Arcanist
    • Magic equipment for sale.
    • Good day!
    • Yes, have a look.
    • Yes?
    • What?
    • Come again!
    • Good day.
    • Goodbye.
    • Allright.

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