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Spartan Road is a region in early Greece (Act I), leading from Laconia Hills in the south to town Spartan War-Camp in the north.

Points of Interest

Old Temple Ruins

Here you can find many undead skeletons, guarding a couple of treasure chests inside and around said ruins. Also more skeletons, especially Hoplites, can pop-up from ground so be careful or they easily can overwhelm you with sheer numbers.

Sacrificial Stone

On far east part of the region, behind ruins located small patch of earth in the middle of the river. There you can find sacrificial stone with a trails of blood and more undead skeletons guarding more treasures.

Spartan Barricade

Right into the entrance to Spartan War-Camp, a group of the Spartan guardians fight with a big mob of the Satyr attackers, which include two hulking Brutes. You can walk by or help this brave men.


  • Brush Harpy ( Beast ): Hag, Crone, Witch ( Champion )
  • Carrion Crow and Plague Bird ( Beast )
  • Ravenous Boar ( Beast )
  • Satyr ( Beastman ): Scout, Warrior, Veteran Warrior, Veteran Skirmisher, Brute ( Champion ), Guardian ( Champion ), Shaman ( Champion )
  • Awakened Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Minion, Soldier, Archer, Hoplite, Frost Liche ( Champion )

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