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Spartan Highlands is narrow canyon, filled with various beasts and a couple of Satyr camps.


Points of Interest

Harpy Nest

Directly south from local Rebirth Fountain you can find small nest of Harpies and probably one tough Harpy Witch.

Natural Cave

To the east from Rebirth Fountain lies small Natural cave with some beasts, treasure chests and one random Shrine.

Satyr Camp

Largest Satyr encampment you met in the game until this point. And it lies directly on your path to the next region.


  • Aeacus - Spartan Sentry. Tells you about path to Delphi / Megara.
    • Yes, Delphi lies down this road. You will pass through Megara and head up the coast.
    • You're on the right path. Zeus guide you, stranger.


  • Ravenous Boar ( Beast )
  • Carrion Crow ( Beast )
  • Satyr ( Beastman ): Warrior, Veteran Warrior, Veteran Skirmisher, Peltast, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Brute ( Champion ), Guardian ( Champion ), Shaman (Champion), Fire Magi ( Champion ), Boar Rider ( Champion )
  • Brush Harpy ( Beast ): Hag, Crone, Witch ( Champion )
  • Centaur ( Beastman ): Hunter, Trapper

Inside the Natural Cave

  • Scrawny Ratman ( Beastman ): Warrior, Veteran Warrior, Skirmisher, Veteran Skirmisher, Rogue ( Champion )


  • Only one or two centaurs will spawn in this region near Rebirth Fountain. Hard to say, is it some mistake in spawn coding or they represent remnants of Pellana Valley centaur forces.

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