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A Soothsayer is a combination of the Spirit and Nature masteries.



Spirit Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
40 SoulDrain.png SoulVortex.png
32 DeathWard.png SummonOutsider.png ArcaneBlast.png
24 UnearthlyPower.png WraithShell.png CircleOfPower.png
16 ArcaneLore.png Necrosis.png EnslaveSpirit.png DeathNova.png
10 Cascade.png DarkCovenant.png SummonLicheKing.png SpiritBane.png
4 TernionAttack.png RavagesOfTime.png VisionOfDeath.png SpiritWard.png
1 DeathchillAura.png LifeDrain.png

Nature Mastery Skills

Points Skills
40 Earthbind.png SylvanProtection.png
32 Refresh.png Sanctuary.png Nature'sWrath.png
24 PermanenceOfStone.png StrengthOfThePack.png Overgrowth.png Susceptibility.png
16 TranquilityOfWater.png Dissemination.png StingingNettle.png SylvanNymph.png
10 BriarWard.png SurvivalInstinct.png Fatigue.png
4 HeartOfOak.png AcceleratedGrowth.png Maul.png Plague.png
1 Regrowth.png CallOfTheWild.png