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Smashing Skeletons in an Ancient Ruin

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Skeletons are the reanimated bones of a human. They are usually found in and around ruins and tombs. You can also encountered with them in caves and maybe on coasts.

NOTE: Skeletons are immune to Pierce, Bleed, Vitality and Poison.

Skeleton VariantsEdit



  • Awakened Skeleton: The most common type of Skeletons, which can be found in Ancient Ruins, Dungeons, Crypts and Cemeteries in Act I.
  • Desecrated Skeleton:
  • Exhumed Skeleton:
  • Gilded Skeleton:
  • Embalded Skeleton: After they have been killed, they throw off their skin and transform into a flaming skeleton.
  • Swamp Skeleton: They are green skeletons, which can be found in Swampy Ruins in Act IV.
  • Abyssal Liche:
  • Shadow Skeleton: They are black skeletons, which can be found in Ruins, Crypts and the coast of Styx in Act IV.
  • Salt Miner: only appear in the Act V Salt Mines region. Sub-variants: Miner (melee), Hauler (can throw salt clumps)
  • Cold Dead: appear in the Act V Barrowlands region. Sub-variants: Peasant (melee), Hunter (archer), Spakona (spellcaster)

Skeleton TypesEdit

  • Archer: They often have an equipped Bow and shoots arrows quickly. Recommended resistances: Pierce, Bleeding, Poison and Avoid Projectiles ability.
  • Acolyte
  • Hoplite: They always wield a one-handed weapon (usually spears), a shield and often well-equipped with chest, legs and arms armors. They can deal a deadliest amount of bleeding and pierce damage. Recommended resistances: Bleeding, Pierce, Damage, Slow.
  • Captain: They are the most well-equipped skeleton-types in game. They often wear chest armor, armguard, leggings and headgear. They have a great amount of armor and offensive ability and wield a variety of weapons, such as Swords, Maces, Spears and Axes. They also use Earth Enchantment, which boosts up their and near monsters' damage with fire. Recommended resistances: Damage, Pierce
  • Assassin: They wield swords in their each hand, sometimes a shield. They often inflicts deadly poison and pierce damage. They also use Calculated Strike, which can be deadly. Recommended resistances: Poison, Bleeding, Piercing, Slow .
  • Soldier: They are the most common types of skeletons. They scarcely wear armors, they wield a weapon and a shield only. They have low defense and attack, but if there are a lots of them, look out!
  • Flame Liche/Lord: They are Fire Mages, but I named them as "Deadliest Dead", because they sometimes cast Meteor, which summons falling flame balls from the skies. It will hit you almost to death and also does stun for a second. Look out! They also use Ring of Flame, that inflicts fire damage in a certain radius, but even burns you sometimes. They always wield a staff and an undropable robe. Recommended resistances: Fire, Burn
  • Frost Liche/Lord: They are Frost Mages, who attack with Frost Bolts as their basic attack. They wear a staff and an undropable robe. They also can shoot multiple-shots. Recommended resistances: Cold, Avoid Projectiles
  • Spirit Liche: They are Theurgists, who use Deathchill Aura, which decreases your health and total speed in a certain radius. They also can leech life from you. On Epic and Legendary difficulty, their skills and damages are high. Recommended resistances: Leech
  • Warrior: They held a shield and a random one-handed weapon. Their occurrence is very frequent in the game.
  • Guardian: After they died, they turned into a flaming-skeleton, that inflits fire and burn damage. Recommended resistances: Fire, Burn, Bleed
  • Plague Lord: They inflicts deadly posion and pierce damage. Recommended resistances: Pierce, Poison, Bleeding
  • Warlock

Skeleton HeroesEdit

NOTE: Skeletons are the most common type of monsters in the game (if you go by individual types and not categories). The disadvantages in combat are that you cannot life leech off them or perform any form of vitality based attacks. They cannot bleed or feel poison either. However, with the right skills or gear, those resistances can be lowered.


Most Skeleton heroes are fairly simple to defeat, you just need to know the resistance required for the attacks of each one, e.g. Rot Bone - poison, Cinder Bone - fire, Frost Marrow - cold. However some can be tricky. Here are some of the tricky cases:

  • Xenokrates of the Shadowblade fires powerful shadow projectiles in all directions, most likely of vitiality damage (haven't tested).
  • Undead tyrant Leucus I on epic and legendary difficulty has a Hamstring skill, meaning his attacks will avoid some of your defensive ability (DA) and will slow you down so you cannot run away when low on health.

More strategies (thanks to Minervian):

At the beginning of your ascent of Olympus you'll come across plenty of Gilded Skeleton mages assisted by Elder Limos.

This group is particularly dangerous because the mages will Spellshock you, switching off buffs, which is hard to notice in the heat of battle. As if this weren't bad enough the Elder Limos will descend on you, they are fast, leech your life and slow you down. Frankly quite deadly.

If you are ever caught in this mess, try a (Divine) Scroll of Ice Nova to freeze the lot, then quickly kill the Mages, then the Limosi. Otherwise, try to draw them to you in small groups rather than fight as big group just before the right turn on the platform. Above all, it is advised not to go in with low life leech/vitality resistance.