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Smashing Skeletons in an Ancient Ruin

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Skeletons are the reanimated bones of a human. They are usually found in and around ruins and tombs, sometimes in caves and rarely on coasts. Skeletons are the most common type of monsters in the game (if you go by individual types and not categories).

Like all Undead, Skeletons are Immune to Bleeding and Vitality Damage, have high Resistance to Pierce Damage and high Absorption rate of Poison Damage.

Skeleton VariantsEdit

  • Awakened Dead: The most common type of Skeletons, which can be found in Ancient Ruins, Dungeons, Crypts and Cemeteries in Act I.
  • Exhumed Dead: Another variant of Skeletons, which can be encountered in Greece. Can be recognized by their yellowed bones.
  • Desecrated Skeleton:
  • Gilded Skeleton: They appear in Tombs in Act II.
  • Embalmed Skeleton: After they have been killed, they throw off their skin and transform into a flaming skeleton.
  • Swamp Skeleton: Green skeletons found in swampy ruins in Act IV.
  • Abyssal Liche:
  • Shadow Skeleton: Black skeletons found in Ruins, Crypts and the coast of Styx in Act IV.
  • Salt Miner: only appear in the Act V Salt Mines region. Sub-variants: Miner (melee), Hauler (can throw salt clumps)
  • Cold Dead: appear in the Act V Barrowlands region. Sub-variants: Peasant (melee), Hunter (archer), Spakona (spellcaster)

Skeleton TypesEdit

  • Minion: Most basic and weakest of all Skeletons. Don't wear armor and have half of a Soldiers health. No threat at all. Recommended resistances: Physical
  • Soldier: They are the most common types of skeletons. They scarcely wear armors. They wield a weapon and a shield only. Sometimes armed with a throwable Lagobolon instead of a close combat weapon. They have low defense and attack, but if there are a lots of them, look out! Recommended resistances: Physical


  • Archer: They wield a bow and shoot quickly. Recommended resistances: Pierce and Avoid Projectiles.
  • Hoplite: Strong close combat fighter. They always wield a spear, sometimes a shield and are often well-equipped with chest, head, legs and arms armor. They can deal a deadly amount of bleeding and pierce damage. Recommended resistances: Bleeding, Pierce.
  • Assassin ( Champion ): They wear armor and wield two swords, or sometimes sword and shield. They inflict heavy bleeding and pierce damage. They also use Calculated Strike, which can be deadly. Recommended resistances: Bleeding, Piercing.
  • Captain ( Champion ): They are the most well-equipped skeleton-types in game. They often wear torso armor, armguard, leggings and headgear. They have a great amount of armor and offensive ability and wield a variety of weapons, such as Swords, Maces, Spears and Axes. They wield a weapon in each hand, thanks to Dual Wield ability with Hew passive. They also use Earth Enchantment, which boosts up their and near monsters' damage with fire. With all features spoken above, they are dangerous enemies, who can deal a lot of damage even when alone. Recommended resistances: Physical, Pierce, Fire
  • Acolyte
  • Flame Liche/Lord: They are Fire Mages, but I named them as "Deadliest Dead", because they sometimes cast Meteor, which summons falling flame balls from the skies. It will hit you almost to death and also does stun for a second. Look out! They also use Ring of Flame, that inflicts fire damage in a certain radius, but even burns you sometimes. They always wield a staff and an undropable robe. Recommended resistances: Fire, Burn
  • Frost Liche/Lord ( Champion ): They are Frost Mages, who attack with their staff as their basic attack and can use Ice Shard skill as well. They wear a staff and robe. Recommended resistances: Cold, Avoid Projectiles
  • Spirit Liche: They are Theurgists, who use Deathchill Aura, which decreases your health and total speed in a certain radius. They also can leech life from you. On Epic and Legendary difficulty, their skills and damages are high. Recommended resistances: Leech.
  • Plague Lord: They inflict deadly posion and pierce damage. Recommended resistances: Pierce, Poison, Bleeding
  • Warlock

Skeleton Heroes Edit

Skeleton Bosses Edit

Skeleton Gallery Edit

  • Awakened Dead Minion
  • Awakened Dead Soldier
  • Awakened Dead Archer
  • Awakened Dead Hoplite
  • Awakened Dead Assassin
  • Awakened Dead Captain
  • Awakened Dead Frost Liche
  • Exhumed Dead Soldier
  • Exhumed Dead Archer
  • Exhumed Dead Assassin ( Female model )
  • Exhumed Dead Captain
  • Exhumed Dead Frost Liche

ToDo Edit

  • Undead tyrant Leucus I on epic and legendary difficulty has a Hamstring skill, meaning his attacks will avoid some of your defensive ability (DA) and will slow you down so you cannot run away when low on health.
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