Shields are an item class in Titan Quest. They can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Shields have a chance to block both melee and ranged attacks of any damage type.

Mechanics Edit

$ {\mathit{projectileBlockChance} = (\mathit{blockChance} + \mathit{blockChanceModifier}) \cdot (\tfrac{dexterity}{1000} + 1)} $ $ {\mathit{meleeBlockChance} = \mathit{blockChance} + \mathit{blockChanceModifier} - 0.5 \cdot (\mathit{probabilityToHit} - 100)} $ $ {\text{where } \mathit{probabilityToHit} = 100 \cdot 0.88^{\left(1 + \tfrac{\mathit{defensiveAbility} - \mathit{offensiveAbility}}{100} \right)} + 10} $

When a block occurs, each component of the attack is considered separately. If the damage from a particular component does not exceed the shield's Damage Block, then such component is negated completely. Otherwise it is not affected at all.

The damage is already reduced by armor and resistances. DoTs are blocked based on their DPS, not the total damage they could deal.

Once a block occurs, the shield cannot block another attack for some time. The base Recovery Time is either 2.5 seconds or 3 seconds (for Theban Shield and all Immortal Throne shields). This cooldown can be reduced by % Shield Recovery Time bonus, capped at 90%.

 % Shield Recovery Time Edit

There are only a few ways to reduce Recovery Time:

Skills that require a shieldEdit

Many skills in the Defense Mastery require a shield in order to use them, but they also focus on using shields more effectively and especially on using them offensively (to deal damage).


A projectile gets blocked by a shield with a Chance to Block 60 Damage.

If not blocked, after resists that attack would do:

  • 50 Fire Damage from weapon (50 < 60 → blocked, 0 damage)
  • 60 Fire Damage (60 = 60 → blocked, 0 damage) and 70 Vitality Damage (70 > 60 → not blocked, 70 damage) from an artifact
  • 111 Burn Damage over 3.0 Seconds from a skill (111/3 < 60 → blocked, 0 damage)
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