The Shield of the Hideous Visage can be found in the normal Titan Quest game through epic and legendary mode and is arguably the strongest shield in the original game in terms of sheer defense with a large percentage of the stats focusing on shield strength and durability.

The shields power is to either stun or make your enemies flee with a percentage of the power activating depending on the statistics of the item when you pick it up.


  • 39% Chance to Block 499 Damage
  • 182 Damage
  • 34% Pierce Resistance
  • 40% Fire Resistance
  • +4% Shield Block
  • +17% Damage
  • 15% Chance of:
    • 27% Slower Movement For 3 Seconds
    • 5% Chance of 2-4 Seconds of Petrify
    • +310 Health
    • +61 Defensive Ability
  • Required Level: 38 Required Strength: 380
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