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The Overlord's Passage gate in Coastal Asomata

The Secret Passage is an Easter Egg area in the game. It can be reached only after obtaining The Overlord, a quest item which drops with a 10% chance from Hades. It works on every difficulty and can be transfered between characters.


Most of the enemies in the Secret Passage are named after the people who worked on the game. For example, ~V~ was named after the producer Michael Verrette.

Other creatures include: Toxeus the Murderer, Dave.

~V~ is the first monster in the Secret Passage and is unkillable.

Dave, the giant turtle, has to be killed in order to open the first set of doors. After Atlantis update, the door can be walk through without killing Dave (possibly bug).

Parnell and David are on the path to the prison area.

Cory patrols by the cells and Chooch is by the Majestic Chest in the back.

Ben and Scott are in the first cell on the left.

Arthur, Nate, Frazier, and Shawn occupy the first cell on the right. Be extremely careful when killing Arthur because he immediately respawns as Toxeus the Murderer upon death. Toxeus is extremely difficult to fight without dying.

The other cell on the right closest to the Majestic Chest has Josh, Tom, and Morgan.

Killing Emgiec, Reinhard, and Vince in the cell without a gate can be a bit tricky. Try to use AOE skills. Vince uses the skill that swaps places with the player. If you get stuck inside the cell, use a personal portal to Rhodes and run back to the Secret Passage or using player reset (k) can work as well. Can also use Taunt skill to lure them close to wall and hit them with melee weapon.

All of the monsters except for ~V~, Dave, Parnell, David and Vince have to be killed in order to unlock and loot the Majestic Chest.



Nate has 90% resists to Physical, Pierce, Vitality and Elemental damage types in addition to normal Undead and Boss resists. He doesn't aggro until hit 70 times, but after that starts throwing punches with 1000-2000 base damage.


(Names are taken from the Game Credits and may not be 100% accurate)

  • ~V~ (Magical) (Nightmare) (unkillable) (Michael Verrette, Associate Producer, Audio Director)
  • Dave (Beast) (Giant Turtle)
  • Parnell (Beast) (Giant Man-Bat) (Brian Parnell, Art)
  • David (Beastman) (Centaur) (David Kondor, Design Implementation)
  • Cory (Device) (shoots fireballs) (Cory Robinson, Art)
  • Chooch (Undead) (mini Undead Typhon)
  • Inside first cell on the left
    • Ben (Beastman) (Anteok) (Benjamin Schneider, Design)
    • Scott (Demon) (Eurynomus) (Scott Morton, Composer & Sound Designer)
  • Inside the first cell on the right
    • Arthur (Beastman) (Satyr) (Arthur Bruno, Lead Gameplay Designer)
    • Nate (Undead) (Skeleton) (Nathanael Jacques, Design)
    • Frazier (Demon) (Machae) (Ian Frazier, Design)
    • Shawn (Demon) (multiple Fire Sprites) (Shawn Frison, Design)
  • Inside second cell on the right
    • Josh (Beastman) (Tigerman) (Joshua Glavinve, Design)
    • Tom (Plant) (aggressive shrub) (Tom Potter, Lead Content Designer)
    • Morgan (Magical) (mini Hydra) (Morgan Brown, Design)
  • Closed cell on the left
    • Emgiec (Beastman) (Neanderthal)
    • Reinhard (Beastman) (Neanderthal Saber Rider)
    • Vince (Beastman) (Neanderthal Shaman)

Special Loot

The items and sets listed below can only be found here or in the other Secret Bonus Area.

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P = Portal, S = Side Quest, M = Boss Monster (Majestic Chest)