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Scorpos are oversized half-scorpion half-man creatures, which are found in various desert regions and caves in Egypt (Act II). Unlike the normal Scorpions, Scorpos are more humanoid, mutant-like, as they move on two limbs only and wield weapons.

Larger groups of Scorpos can be encountered along the route from Memphis to the Fayum Oasis, including the Desert Waste, the Canyon of Isis, and the Fayum Desert.


There are only two variants of Scorpos and both are melee-fighters:

  • Scorpos are standard melee fighters wielding some sort of weapon. While they can be dangerous in numbers, they are usually easy to kill. A typical group consists of 4-6 Scorpos (less, if accompanied by Manslayers).
  • Scorpos Manslayers are the bigger, worse variant with a stronger attack and more health. They also have a powerful sting attack and some sort of a rush movement skill, making it even hard to escape them. Usually there are no more than 2 of them, but they are always accompanied by some regular Scorpos warriors.

The Scorpos heroes are generally nothing special and go down nearly as easily as normal warriors. There are two quest-related mini-bosses, the Ancient Scorpos and Nehebkau, which have some additional abilities.



★ Errak Bonecarver ~ Scorpos Hero
Kaalt Speartail
★ Sartt Soulrender ~ Scorpos Hero

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