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Democrites has need of a strong warrior

Sciron's camp in the Scironean Rocks

Sciron, Bandit Lord

This is a Side Quest in The North (Act V). The outlaw Sciron terrorizes the Scironean coast with his group of bandits. They hide whenever they see a group of soldiers but rob all merchants and lone travellers passing through. So a powerful, lone warrior could lure them out and kill them.


Note: This quest becomes available and the gates to the Scironean coast open the moment you kill Porcus the Ketos for the main quest Troubles of a New Age.

  1. Talk to Democrites, a merchant and aristocrat of Corinth.
  2. Leave the city through the northeast gate and follow the road to the Scironean Rocks.
  3. There, bandits lurk on the cliffs surrounding the road. Make your way up the northern cliff and into the bandit camp (see map on the right). Kill the bandit leader Sciron.
  4. Return to Democrites.


  • 20k / 50k / 140k Experience (normal / epic / legendary)
  • 50k / 150k / 400k Gold
  • two magical Scrolls