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Scarabeus the Desert King is a huge scarab that guards the Scroll of Invocation. You encounter him in the vault of the Rhakotis Library. Scarabeus belongs to the Insectoid category. In his chamber you'll find a Royal Coffer along with some minor treasure containers. After he's dead, the doors to his chamber open again allowing you to proceed through the north eastern door, where the scroll and the exit to the desert can be found.


As a boss monster it is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


  • Lay Eggs: Summons a group of four Bone Scarabs. Scarabeus often summons two groups or a total of eight minions. The scarabs are fairly weak, however, they will usually stay close to their master and die along with him. The "egg projectile" does no damage on impact.
  • Caustic Sputum: Launches six poison projectiles in an arc, dealing Poison Damage over 3.0 seconds. If all six projectiles hit, by default this will do around 1100 Poison Damage over 3.0 seconds in Normal, 2500 in Epic, and 3800 in Legendary.


Recommended resistances:

Scarabeus is usually not very difficult to kill. The minion beetles are fairly weak, so they can be easily avoided or killed. You might as well ignore them, they die along with their master anyway.

The poison darts can be dangerous, if getting hit by multiple or all of them and the character is lacking poison resistance. Melee fighters should go for a high poison resistance. The attack uses a distintive animation and the projectiles move somewhat slow, so ranged characters can try to simply dodge it, thus can get away with low or even negative resistance. The projectiles have a chance to miss if wearing % chance to dodge projectiles equipment. You can also use the bookshelves in the chamber to take cover, but don't let yourself get trapped in one of the corners.

If you need a break, there is a safe spot in the left-most corner, where Scarabeus usually won't follow you to.