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Satyrs are the first monster type that a player will encounter and they appear in all difficulties. They are classed as Beastmen, and they are found commonly throughout all of Act I, or Greece. However, the player will not find them anywhere else. They will first appear on the Road to Helos where the player will encounter Timaeus asking to save his horse. There are thirteen types of Satyr. They can be both melee or ranged, and can be seen equipped with all of the different weapon types. There are also three breeds of Satyr, Normal, Dark and Mountain. They grow stronger in that order. The player will not find any Dark Satyrs until they reach the Spartan Woods, and Mountain Satyrs will start to appear when the player reaches the Lower War-Camp in Parnassus.


Each variant is tougher than its predecessor. Normal satyrs would be the first.

  • Satyr: The most common variant with light brown fur, is also the weakest.

Satyr Scout, armed with Torch

Satyr Warrior

Satyr Skirmisher

Satyr Pillager

  • Dark Satyr: Found from Megara to Delphi, recognisable for their black fur and redish dark brown skin.
  • Mountain Satyr: The strongest breed of satyrs, blue colored.


  • Scout: Satyr Scouts are the weakest kind of satyr, and are only found in the area around Helos. They have few, if any weapons and armour (but often armed with Torches) and are low leveled. They are the first type of enemy a player will encounter. Recommended Resistances: PhysicalResistance.png Physical, FireResistance.png Fire.
  • Trapper: Satyr Trappers will first appear in the Helos Cave, and are equipped with spears. They are no tougher than other satyrs; however, they are the only satyrs that can cast Ensnare.png Ensnare nets. These make them relatively tougher than other satyrs, but are still not much of a threat. Recommended Resistances: Physical, PierceResistance.png Pierce.
  • Peltasts: The Peltasts are always equipped with a spear, and maybe a shield with some armour. They also vary between normal and elite levels. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Pierce.
  • Warrior: a basic satyr. Has more health than a Scout but attacks in the same way. However, Scouts (especially the earliest ones) not always wield weapons. Warriors do. Warriors range between ordinary warriors, veteran and elite warriors. Higher rank indicates at a more powerful monster. Recommended Resistances: Physical.
  • Skirmisher: The Skirmisher is the weakest and most common of the ranged satyrs, and is equipped with a bow, and maybe some armour. They are relatively weak and should not cause much trouble. They first appear in the Helos Farmland. They range between normal, veteran and elite, as do warriors and peltasts. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing.
  • Pillager (Champion): A variant of skirmishers. They have EarthEnchantment.png Earth Enchantment skill, so they always attack with fire arrows. Also they often wear couple of armor pieces and are tougher to kill than the skirmishers. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Fire, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Boar Rider (Champion): The Boar Rider is an Archer, who is stronger than a Skirmisher, and is seen riding a boar. They deal poison damage, and poison the character for a short time. They also can drop a piece of Boar Hide monster charm. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, Poison, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Shaman (Champion): The more common and the weakest of satyr mages, equipped with a staff and some mage armor. Only thing he can do attack-wise is shooting some projectiles to enemies from his magical staff. Barely a threat at all. But Shamans can cast Regrowth.png Regrowth with Dissemination.png Dissemination passive modifier to heal their allies and thus making them more annoying and number one targets in group fights. Recommended Resistances: Elemental, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Fire Magi (Champion): Another satyr mage. More damage oriented than Shaman, Fire Magi can hurl VolcanicOrb.png Volcanic Orb at enemies. Recommended Resistances: Elemental (mostly fire), Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Spiritcaller (Champion): The other type of Satyr mage is the Spiritcaller. Unlike other Satyr mages they can't use attack or support spells, but they can summon ghostly boars. Like all summoned creatures, they will die if the Spiritcaller dies. There are typically only two or three of them and they are relatively weak.
  • Brute (Champion): The Brutes are one of the strongest type of melee satyr, and can be noticeably spotted as they are very big and muscular. They have DualWield.png Dual Wield skill and commonly wield a weapon in each hand or have a shield, usually at least of Reinforced type. Recommended Resistances: Physical.
  • Guardian (Champion): A variant of the Brute that is always equipped with a shield and can use Batter.png Batter skill for attacks. Recommended Resistances: Physical.
  • Ravager (Champion): A variant of the Brute that attacks with two weapons. Dark Satyr Ravagers have aura, which improves their own and their allies' attack speed. Recommended Resistances: Physical.





Monster Items


★ Algos Frostwind
★ Beastman Archer #783 (IT)
Caldor Darkbow
Cibaris Plainsrider
★ Drusil Thornweaver
Durgos Hawkeye
Fernos Charskin
★ Nesis Fleshmender
Skiron Emberwood
★ Warchief Otos
Warchief Paphos



  • Satyrs - male nature spirits from Greek mythology, also known as a silenos. (Wikipedia)
  • If you look closely at a Boar Rider, you will notice that the leg armor is equipped on the boar instead of the rider.