Dernier Boss d'égypte 1

Sandwraith Lord - Nightmare of the Desert.

Sandwraith Lord - Nightmare of the Desert 2

Sand Wraithlord - Nightmare of the Desert is the final boss monster in Egypt (Act II). You encounter him at the end of the Hall of Prometheus, guarding the Portal to Babylon.

Abilities Edit

Aisde from his standard melee attack, the Sandwraith Lord has some special abilities he will occasionally use:

  • Sandstorm: Similar to the one from Aktaios, this will disrupt any skills. This is especially dangerous for warfare characters, as it disrupts Onslaught and all synergies.
  • Fire enchanted: His attacks and those of his minions do additional fire damage.
  • Summon Sandwraiths: Summons up to four Sandwraiths, which profit from the fire aura, but are still weaker than the standard Sandwraiths encountered before. There will be never more than four summoned Sandwraiths.
  • Glob of fire: does minor fire/physical damage.

Strategy Edit

Most important resistances:

  • Skill Disruption
  • Fire
  • Stun

There is not too much strategy involved, just get 50-80% skill disrupt protection, and tank him. This boss does not do too much damage, so defeating him will not be a huge problem, but more a test of your patience.

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