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The Road to Helos is the first region in Greece (Act I). You will find yourself here after starting a new game

Points of Interest

Helos Pier This is the place where the protagonist arrives at the beginning of the game, presumably by boat. Also here you will find Corythus, first NPC you meet in the game.

Timaeus Field Crop field which belong to Timaeus. Now it occupied by monsters, who also tries to kill his horse.

Entrance to the Village of Helos The southern entrance to the Village of Helos, besieged by a small group of Satyrs.




  • Corythus - Boat-hand: Welcomes you to this region and tells you about the troubles that plague the nearby village, Helos.
    • You there, soldier, if you've come looking for rest and peace, you won't find it here in Helos. Our village has recently been beset by Satyrs and other vile beasts. The help of your fighting arm would be greatly appreciated. Our farmers cannot get to their fields, and our supplies are running low. Please go down the road toward the village and help where you can.
    • We have men defending every gate. Farmers and shepherds have come from miles seeking shelter.
    • Satyrs! Harpies! It's as if all the things painted on a vase were sent against us by some angry god!
    • Go down the road. Helos needs your help.
  • Timaeus - Poor Farmer: Asks you to save his horse from being killed by Satyrs, giving a first chapter of the main quest, A Troubled Village
    • You must have been sent by the gods! Please, in the field here - they're going to kill my horse!
    • That plough-horse is all i own. Without it, i can't farm.
    • Help me! That satyr - those boars - stop them!
    • My poor horse!
    • A satyr - I never thought I would see a satyr!
    • After saving his horse:
    • You saved my horse! Thank you! But I'm not the only one in trouble - down the road there, that's my village, Helos. We've got monsters at the gates, in the fields - they're everywhere.
    • Just go down the road, you'll see.
    • Normally, we would welcome a weary traveler with offers of food and shelter.
    • That horse is the one thing I own. Thank you for saving her.
    • Satyrs! I never thought I'd see such a thing.
    • Speak with Diomedes. You'll find him in Helos, in the town square.


  • Satyr ( Beastman ): Scout
  • Boar ( Beast ): Ravenous

In Real Life

Helos is 0.72 km (0.45 mi) east from the river Eurotas. which is presumably the river the pier is on. The road today is surrounded by orange orchards and other farmland much like it is shown in game.


  • Timaeus talks about one satyr and multiple boars attacking his horse. But actually there are two satyrs and only one boar instead of several.
  • Monsters, who are attacking Timaeus' horse will not respawn after being killed.
  • One of the satyrs here always wear one melee weapon and torso armor, both of normal quality, which be dropped after his death.

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