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Ratman is a bipedal rat. 

"Out of deep places of foul magic, a tribe of giant, upright rats emerged. Crude though their weapon and armor may be, many an adventurer, deep in a dungeon, has found himself suddenly ringed by a sea of red, hungry eyes and dully glinting swords".

Ratmen are not strong but gain strength in numbers.


  • Basic variant that has no special name.
    • Vermin King
  • Diseased.
  • Honored.
  • Scrawny. First and weakest of Ratman variants, encountered in Greek caves.
    • Rogue
    • Sapper
    • Elite Skirmisher
    • Veteran Warrior
    • Elite Warrior



  • Warrior. Basic melee fighter with black fur. He wields one close combat weapon and deals a little damage. Warriors range from ordinary to veterans with higher ranked ones being strong. Recommended resistances: PhysicalResistance.png Physical.
    • Veteran Warrior
    • Elite Warrior
  • Skirmisher. Basic archer with brown fur. They rarely have any armor besides armbands and only deal weak damage, so they are pretty harmless. Skirmishers range from ordinary to veterans, just like Warriors. Recommended resistances: Physical, PierceResistance.png Piercing, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
    • Elite Skirmisher
  • Rogue (Champion). Strong melee Ratman with black fur, who carries a weapon in each hand and wears various armor pieces all over the body. He can use skills from the Rogue Mastery such as ThrowingKnife.png Throwing Knife and LayTrap.png Lay Trap. Recommended resistances: Physical, Piercing, BleedingResistance.png Bleeding, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Sapper (Champion). Ranged Ratman with gray fur who is armed with a magical staff and has the ability to throw bombs. This bombs act like PoisonGasBomb.png Poison Gas Bomb with Shrapnel.png Shrapnel modifier, but inflict Fire Damage instead of Poison Damage.
  • Vermin King. Powerful melee fighter wielding spear and shield.
  • Witch Doctor. Sorcerer.

N.B. There is also a Plague Spreader Ratman which is some kind of Shaman. He has the Plague.png Plague skill which causes a unit to take damage over-time and can spread to other units. Using pets against them might not be a good idea.


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