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Raptors appear in act 3, with the name prefix "Ice" or "Jungle" and slightly different coloring, depending on the region. They use physical attacks in melee and often appear in groups akin to families, with about two adults and four small ones. The small ones are weak and easily taken care of, usually in one hit, but the adult ones can prove dangerous when there are many in one spot.

Monster Charm: Raptor Tooth


  • Ice Raptor - Hatchling (small, blue)
  • Ice Raptor (adult, blue)
  • Jungle Raptor - Hatchling (small, dark brown)
  • Jungle Raptor - Fleshrender (adult, dark brown)
  • Jungle Raptor - Bonegnawer (small, light brown, OR adult, green)
  • Jungle Raptor - Bonegnawer Hatchling (small, green)
  • Jungle Raptor - Scavenger (adult, red)

Special Raptors

You have to kill a Fleshrender in the side quest The Child and the Raptor.