Titan Quest Wiki

There are quite a few quests in Titan Quest. If you see a person with an exclamation mark above their head, then you can speak with them to start or advance a quest.

There are 2 types of quests:

Main Quests: These missions tell the game's story. You must complete these to complete the game.

Side Quests: These quests are optional missions. There are many of them in each act. They have varied goals: kill unique monsters, speak with NPCs, deliver messages, etc.

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V


Available only Side Quests


Act VI

  • A Strange Land
  • Seeking An Audience
  • A Familiar Face
  • A God No More
  • Mainland China
    • The Root of the Problem
    • Monkey Business
    • A Book and its Cover
    • The Council of Three
  • Pingyang
    • Emperor Yao's Bell (2 Skill Points)
    • Love and Loss
    • Lust for Jade
    • Fire and Gold
  • The Heavens
    • Heavenly lovers
    • Maze of Mirages
  • Lower Egypt
    • Shadowstone of Anubis (+10% Vitality Resistance)
    • No Peace for the Fallen
    • A Venom Most Foul
  • The Marshland
    • The Phoenix in the Frog
  • The Ravaged Square
    • Just Desserts