A proxy .dbr contains the following data:

Under the heading 'Proxy Config':

  • difficultyEquationFile (.dbr file of type equation): Points to a .dbr containing 'equations' (actually, these aren't equations at all, but formulae) to calculate the difficulty of the proxy depending from player number and level.
  • difficultyLimitsFile (.dbr file of type limits): Points to a .dbr where minimal and maximal monster levels for the three game modes (normal, epic, legendary) are specified. Use this for instance when you want to have low level monsters in a certain region regardless of the player's level.
  • chanceToRun (floating point numeral): (?)
  • placementExtents (floating point numeral): How far from the proxy placeholder the monsters will be set

Under the heading 'Proxy Tables'

(for each game mode separately:)

  • poolN (.dbr file of type pool): points to a collection of monsters to choose from (see pool record)
  • weightN (integer numeral): the chance a monster from this pool will be chosen for the proxy

where N=1 to 6

Under the heading 'Accessory'

(for each game mode separately:)

  • accessory1 (.dbr file of type container): pointer to a chest or bonepile to be put into the center of the proxy. (Is named accessoryEpic1 and accessoryLegendary1 for those game modes)

Finally, it contains Actor Variables

See also Proxies, how to.

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