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A Prophet is a combination of the Storm and Dream masteries.



Storm Mastery Skills

Numbers in brackets indicates required mastery level, indents indicates skill upgrades.
IceShard.png Ice Shard [1]

Dream Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
32 TranceOfWrath.png MasterMind.png TemporalRift.png
24 TemporalFlux.png PsionicImmolation.png
16 TranceOfConvalenscence.png HypnoticGaze.png DistortionField.png DistortReality.png
10 Premonition.png SummonNightmare.png PsionicBurn.png DreamStealer.png ChaoticResonance.png
4 TranceOfEmpathy.png LucidDream.png PhantomStrike.png
1 SandsOfSleep.png PsionicTouch.png DistortionWave.png
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