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Potions restore either health or energy. Potions can be purchased from Merchants, found in Chests and Containers, or looted from Monsters.

Potions may work by instantly restoring a fixed amount of Health/Energy followed by restoring a percentage of the total Health/Energy over a short period of time.

Titanic Potions require Ragnarok (AER) and still can not be purchased from Merchants, they can just be looted from Monsters and found in Containers.

List of Potions

Potion Restored % Restored
Lesser Health Potion 250 Health 15% Health
Health Potion 450 Health 15% Health
Greater Health Potion 900 Health 18% Health
Grand Health Potion 1,400 Health 20% Health
Superior Health Potion 2,000 Health 25% Health
Divine Health Potion 2,800 Health 30% Health
Titanic Health Potion (AER) 3,600 Health 35% Health
Lesser Energy Potion 150 Energy 25% Energy
Energy Potion 200 Energy 30% Energy
Greater Energy Potion 300 Energy 35% Energy
Grand Energy Potion 450 Energy 40% Energy
Superior Energy Potion 600 Energy 45% Energy
Divine Energy Potion 850 Energy 50% Energy
Titanic Energy Potion (AER) 1,000 Energy 55% Energy
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