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Name Poseidon's Net
Type Divine Artifact
Properties +15% Cold Damage
+15% Frostburn Damage
+15% Lightning Damage
+15% Electrical Burn Damage
25% Cold Resistance
25% Lightning Resistance
Cost to craft
Selling price N/A
Required Level: 50

Items > Artifact > Poseidon's Net

Poseidon's Net is a Divine introduced in the Immortal Throne expansion



  • Grants Skill: Poseidon's Net (Activated on low health)
  • Trap a large group of monsters with the power of the Sea God
    • 120.0 Second(s) Recharge
    • 4.0 Second Duration
    • 5.0 Meter Radius
    • 800-900 Frostburn Damage per Second
    • -33% Defensive Ability
    • +18% Damage to Demons
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