Titan Quest Wiki

An active Town Portal

Portals are larger structures found in various places, allowing to quickly travel between important locations. They are similar in function to the waypoints (WP) in Diablo II.

Before being allowed to use a Portal, it needs to be activated by stepping close to it. Once active, it can be travelled to anytime, even through the different acts. Portals are also used to return to portals created by the hero, thus also fulfill the function of town portals (TP) from Diablo II.

Laches, a villager near the Portal in Helos (the first town the player gets to) gives some background information about portals.

Greece (Act I)

  1. Helos
  2. Sparta (in the Spartan War-Camp)
  3. Megara
  4. Delphi
  5. Parnassus
  6. Athens
  7. Knossos (in the Village of Herakleion)

Egypt (Act II)

  1. Rhakotis
  2. Lower Nile (near the Village of Sais)
  3. Memphis
  4. Giza (on the Giza Plateau)
  5. Fayum (in the Fayum Oasis)
  6. Thebes (Temple of Seti)
  7. Valley of the Kings

Orient (Act III)

  1. Hanging Gardens
  2. Babylon Outskirts
  3. Western Silk Road
  4. Eastern Silk Road
  5. Great Wall
  6. Chang'an
  7. Jade Palace
  8. Wusao Mountain
  9. Olympus

Hades (Act IV)

  1. Rhodes
  2. Medea's Grove
  3. Epirus
  4. Styx
  5. Plains of Judgment
  6. Tower of Judgment
  7. Elysium
  8. Hades Palace

The North (Act V)

  1. Corinth
  2. Heuneburg
  3. Glauberg
  4. Scandia
  5. Dark Lands
  6. Asgard
  7. Jotunheim
  8. Muspelheim


  1. Gadir
  2. Gaulos
  3. Atlas Mountains
  4. Atlantis Wilderness
  5. Inner Atlantis