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Porcus the Ketos

Porcus the Ketos

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Porcus the Ketos is a giant sea snake with a pig-like head. It lives in the harbor basin in the Corinth Harbor Quarter. It is a boss of the main story line.


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


First Phase: It sits in the outer harbors basin. You can walk around the shallow part of the harbor basin to get into melee range.

Second Phase: When its health drops below ⅔ it moves out of melee range and summons three groups of Tritones. Killing them pushes its health down to ⅓ and into his third and final phase.

Third Phase: Like first phase, but Porcus is now near its seashell chest.


  • Bite - Standard melee attack.
  • Poison Spits - Standard ranged attack throwing multiple little poison projectiles.
  • Poison Blob - Throws a blob creating a poison puddle during 6 seconds dealing Poison Damage.
  • Tidal Wave - Creates a concentric stunning wave dealing Cold Damage.


Important Resistance

Most of Porcus attacks deals Poison Damage, however during phase two, it can be good to have some Lightning Resistance to handle the Tritones. Cold Resistance and Stun Resistance can only be useful for melee heroes as Porcus won't use Tidal Wave from long distance.


The Ketos was supposed to have a smash attack - jumping outside of water and smashing the player. It has been cut from the final game but this skill is fully coded and has animations.