A pool .dbr contains the following data:

Under the heading 'Pool Config':

  • spawnMin (integer numeral): The minimum number of creatures a proxy drawing from this pool will consist of
  • spawnMax (integer numeral): The maximal number of member creatures
  • championMin (integer numeral): The minimum number of stronger monsters (so-called champions) to be spawned
  • championMax (integer numeral): The maximum number of champion monsters
  • championChance (floating point numeral): The chance that a spawned monster will be a champion

(obviously, these should not be set so that they contradict each other)

  • proxyPoolEquation (.dbr file of type equation): needed to correct the min and max values for a multiplayer game according to the number of players

Under the heading 'Pool':

  • nameN (.dbr file of type creature): points to a monster .dbr
  • weightN (integer numeral): the chance this creature will be spawned, in per cent
  • difficultyN (integer numeral): (?)
  • difficultyCutoffN (integer numeral): (?)
  • limitN (integer numeral): (?)
  • alwaysSpawnN (boolean): whether the proxy will get one of these creatures guaranteed

Where N=1 to 30

Under the heading 'Champion Pool':

the corresponding variables for champion monsters. They are named nameChampionN, weightChampionN etc.

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