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Polyphemus is a level 16 to 19 ( Normal ) Boss Monster Giant. He is red skinned Cyclops with a huge club. He can be found in the Halcyon Coast, guarding his cave, which is under attack by some soldiers. A Majestic Chest is found nearby, and like most "boss fights", can only be opened after its guardian is destroyed.


It almost impossible to ensnare or stop Polyphemus due to reduced Immobilization and Freeze duration on him. Also he has moderate Resistances against Stun and all Elemental attacks. Also he has a small chance to Deflect ranged projectiles.


  • Club Strike. Basic melee attack. Polyphemus attacks with his Cyclops Club with a small Physical Damage.
  • Stomp: An AoE Physical Damage melee attack of Polyphemus. More powerful than his normal club attack.
  • Club Slam: A very powerful long range wave attack that ripples out in a straight line from Polyphemus. This attack instantly reduces your Health by 50% PLUS inflicts some Lightning and Physical Direct Damage on top of that and Stuns for 1.5 second. Polyphemus will use it only on targets out of his melee range.
  • Terrifying Roar: A roar that send four "sound waves" in a wide cone in front of Polyphemus, each one reduces your Health instantly by a 25%, Slows by 40% and inflict Skill Disruption for 3 to 4 seconds.


Polyphemus melee attacks aren't especially strong, but his shout can trap you and his wave takes a large percentage of your health.

With a ranged character - keep your distance so you can dodge both of those and attack him during animations.

With a melee character - stay close to him. He will attack you mostly with a club, rarely using Stomp or Terrifying Roar If you see he is about to shout, just run around him to avoid it or build some Vitality Resistance.

If whittling him down doesn't work for you, it is possible to make him follow you all the way back to the Megara town guard, who will be much more help than the cannon fodder you were given to start with.


Special Item Drops


  • In Greek mythology Polyphemus was a cyclops encountered by the hero Odysseus. Odysseus and his men were captured by the cyclops but were able to blind the creature and escape.
  • There is a Steam achievement "Someone your size" where you have to kill Polyphemus while you have the Defense Mastery skill Colossus Form active