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Plight of the Nile Farmers is the third Side Quest in Egypt (Act II). You receive it when talking to the farmers in the Village of Sais. They tell you the floodplains near the village are overrun by a pack of Reptilians, which you need to kill in order to complete the quest.

The Reptilians are located in the marshland to the south-west of the village. They have a white sparkle around them. The group is composed of several standard types (soldiers, centurions, overseers) with no hero/boss monster, so they shouldn't be too difficult to defeat. After completing the quest, talk to Makara (near the north-east entrance of the village) to get your reward.


  • Experience: 8k / 40k / 100k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Charm fragment (received a magic (yellow) amulet named "... Charm" on legendary instead) (received a magic (yellow) ring called "Philosopher's Engraved Ring of Erudition" on legendary instead)