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The PS Editor is a effect editor. You can create your own effects for TQ and TQIT; and you use them ingame and in the World Editor.


-If you have a ATI graphic card, you won't see the Debug Lines and the editor will crash very often

-The Editor will crash very often (but it will crash much more if you have a ATI card^^)

The Control

Global Options

Reset Camera: Reset the camera position

Run System: Run the emitter

First the functions of all buttons:

Debug Lines: See the X,Y,Z axis and the white debug lines in the effect window

Simulate Flight: How will fly the effect around you??? Click this, and you will see it

Pause: The effect will pause

Emitter Options

Name: The name of the emitter

Pick Texture: Choose a texture for the emitter

Pick Shader: Choose a shader for the emitter

Frames per Second: Frames per second

Type: Choose between 6 Types (The emitter will be then like that) for example: if you choose a sphere , the emitter will make then a sphere

Emitter Life Span: Set the life span of the emitter (in seconds)

Looping: The emitter will ignore the life span time

Flatten Motion: The emitter will be flat (you need to use the "Velocity" to see the effect)

Implode: The emitter will implode (looks cool) you need to use the "Velocity" to see the effect)

Velocity: Set the speed of the emitter (you need to use it, that you can see the other effects)

Render: It will render the emitter

Emit Locally: ????

Emission Rate: Set the speed of each particle

Emitter Size: Set the size of the emitter

Emitter Angle: It will throw each particle away

X-Offset: It will go along the X-axis

Y-Offset: It will go along the Y-axis

Z-Offset: It will go along the Z-axis

X-Rotation: It will rotate itself along his own (from the emitter) X-axis

Y-Rotation: It will rotate itself along his own (from the emitter) Y-axis

Z-Rotation: It will rotate itself along his own (from the emitter) Z-axis

Particle Options

Particle Life Span: The Life Span of each particle

Size: Set the size of each particle

Rotate: Set this to rotate each particle (=each Texture)

Gravity: Set this to activate the gravity (up or down)

Color/Alpha: Set the color of each particle

Stretch: Stretch each particle

Friction: Set the radius of the emitter

Random Oriention: All above options will be random

Motion Orient: ???

Orient vertically: ???

Effect Options

Create New Emitter: Click this and you will create a new emitter

Clone: Select a emitter, click clone, and you will clone it

Delete: Delete the emitter

Light Options

Enabled: Select this and you will see ingame a light effect

Off During Day: There will be no light effect ingame during day

Color: Select the color of the light (you won't see this light in the PS Editor)

Light Radius: Set the light radius ingame


Curves are very useful. You can decide when the effect shall start and end (and all between, too; for example: when it should be very powerful etc.) On the picture are 2 points: the first is the start of the emitter, the second is the end.


Do a right click on the black line in this window. This will create a black point on this line. Now pull with a left-click the black line. (You must make a left click on the black point)

How to import my own textures???

Here is a step for step manual :

1.Make a texture and save it as .psd or .tga (the size of it should be 256x256 or 512x512 etc. and it should have a alpha channel

2.Import your own texture in the ArtManager, create via asset the .tex file and build it

3.Go to your My Games/CustomMaps folder where you have build into your texture

4.Copy it and paste it to---> X:\.....\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\database (I had luck that I have found out, where to copy the textures^^)

5.Open the PSEditor

6.Create a emitter and click "Pick Texture"----> pick your own texture

How to get my own effects into the WorldEditor

Here is a step for step manual, have fun :

1.After saving your created effect via "Save as" in the PS Editor, it will be at "C:\....\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\Working\source"

2.Rename your created effect, and add .pfx

3.Open the ArtManager

3.1.: Go to the Source tab and import your own .pfx file (the renamed one)

3.2.: Create a asset of the .pfx file and build it

4.Import a effect via "Import Record" in the ArtManager; for example: records\particles\respawn_effect.dbr (you can rename the imported .dbr file, if you want)

5.Go to the database tab in the ArtManager

6.Open the imported .dbr file and change the path of "Effect File" to your own effect (the build one)

7.Build your modified .dbr file---> FINISHED (Don't forget to update the .arz file in the TQIT main CustomMaps folder)

Effect Example

Here is a example of a effect, which I have build some days ago (used my own texture)