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Description Edit

Outrider's Buckler - Monster Infrequent Shield, that can be dropped from some Centaurs in Act I, Greece.

Gallery Edit

  • Outrider's Buckler
  • Outrider's Buckler stats with "Protective" prefixs and "Of Energy" suffix (Normal Version)
  • Outrider's Buckler on character
  • Outrider's Buckler on character

Acquired from: Edit

Nessus - Centaur Chieftain

Panos, Lord of the Briarwood

Mulgor Flamespear

Sergos Longstride


  • Outrider's Buckler, like all Infrequents, can have most of Affixes, but they won't be displayed in the name of the item. Also they don't affect level requirement like Affixes usually do.
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