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The Orient is Third Act (referred to as 'Act III') in Titan Quest.


The world Orient refers to the Far East, places such as India, China and Japan.

After being successful in stopping yet another Telkine in Egypt, Imhotep sends the player to the Gardens of Babylon, where a third Telkine is currently attacking. The Order of Prometheus fears that the Telkine is after the Sickle of Kronos, a weapon containing the power to destroy the Gods. The player sets off to stop the Telkine from obtaining this artifact of vast power. Upon arrival in Babylon, the player finds the Sickle is missing, and Feiyan is lying injured on the floor nearby. She tells the player she unsuccessfully tried to avenge her family's death by slaying the telkine. But the Telkine tossed her aside and made off with the Sickle.

The player then proceeds to track the Telkine and the Sickle across the Silk Road and into China. When the Hero eventually finds the Telkine under Wusao Mountain, it is using the Sickle to slash open the bonds holding the titan Typhon imprisoned. The player then proceeds to kill the Telkine (Ormenos) and follow Typhon through a portal to Mount Olympus.


Hanging Gardens

Babylon Outskirts

Western Silk Road

Eastern Silk Road

Great Wall


To The Jade Palace

From The Jade Palace

Jade Palace

Wusao Mountain





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