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Charon's dock

Freeing Hipparchus

The battle against Charon

This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

The boatman Charon has vanished and shades cannot cross The River Styx into the Sunless Lands. They are scared and huddle close to the useless boat. It appears one shade stood up and demanded passage, but he was taken away by the daemons here. Hipparchus, he was called. Find and free him.


  1. Talk to Antigenes at Charon's Dock, next to the River Styx portal.
  2. Kill Orok Skullcracker - Troglodyte Hero. He is in the same region as the portal. Head southeast until you reach a rebirth fountain. Orok Skullcracker is southwest of it.
  3. This frees Hipparchus from the soul prison Orok Skullcracker was guarding. Talk to him. He asks you to find Charon's Oar so he may operate the ferry while Charon is gone.
  4. Keep going southeast and to the big Unfinished Bridge. Charon is guarding it. Kill him and grab Charon's Oar.
  5. Teleport back to the 'Styx' portal and go to Charon's Dock next to it. Hipparchus has made his way here. Give him the oar.


  • Experience: 40k / 80k / 250k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • A Relic Shard