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Omega Telkine

Omega Telkine is the second form of the Telkine Lyktos, and the final boss of Atlantis (Act VI).


Stomp Attack

  • Stuns, Disrupts, and Slows
  • Physical Damage in small area around them.

Chaotic Resonance

  • Cold Damage
  • Vitality Damage
  • Percentage of Health Damage

Summon Clone

This ability summons a ghost Lyktos that can dish out and receive attacks. Omega Telkine summons these ghosts more rapidly than Lyktos does.


  • 15% Cold Resistance
  • 15% Fire Resistance
  • 100% Reduced Freeze Duration
  • 10% Vitality Resistance
  • 15% Lightning Resistance
  • 5% Physical Resistance
  • 10% Pierce Resistance
  • 80% Stun Resistance
  • 100% Reduced Immobilization Duration


Avoid stomp attack if you have low physical resistance, and likewise for Chaotic Resonance if you have low Cold Resistance of Vitality Resistance. Attack the main body, not the clones, they do much less damage and are quickly respawned anyway.