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This is a Side Quest in Greece (Act I). In Megara, a sailor tells the story of how he recently survived sirens wrecking his ship. The coast where the ship has crashed is teeming with monsters, so nobody has looted it yet. Oh, and the ship was carrying a shipment of arms and gold. Sounds like easy money.


  • Look for chests among the wreckage.
    • A sailor in Megara said his ship was wrecked by sirens. He washed ashore with the ship's wreckage on a beach along the Halcyon Coast. He said some of the ship's cargo washed up intact.


  1. Talk to Antor the Sailor in Megara to begin the quest. He can be found to the southwest of the city, at the docks.


  2. When you reach the beach of Halcyon Coast, go to its southwestern tip. There you will find a bunch of Wraiths among shipwrecks and chests. As soon as you have defeated them, the quest is complete.


Some of the ship's cargo washed up intact, full of gold and equipment.

  • Experience: 1k / 18k / 40k (normal / epic / legendary)


  • At the shipwreck, you will also find several small chests you can loot.