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Nessus - The Centaur Chieftain

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Nessus is the first boss encountered in the game. He is a large Centaur and found in the northern part of the Pellana Valley. Killing him is required to progress with the main quest.

After killing him, you are rewarded with the first large Majestic Chest encountered in the game so far.

Level: 9-11 ( Normal )


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


When arriving at the Spartan War-Camp, talk to Brasidas, a guard near the western entrance. He requests you to kill Nessus before he allows you to speak to General Leonidas.


Nessus is bigger, tougher, and faster than normal Centaurs. Also he has:

  • Bleed Attack: Inflict Bleeding damage over time to all enemies in couple meters radius.
  • Summon Allies: Uses a horn to summon four Centaurs to assist him. He does this when he spots you the first time, and every time, when all his four centaur guards are killed. The centaur guards are always made up of two Trappers and two Rangers, and they always appear near Nessus' original position. The Trappers can be especially troublesome, as their traps can deal a lot of damage.
  • Heart of Oak (Epic & Legendary): Heart of Oak from the Nature Mastery.


Recommended resistances:

Nessus can prove to be a difficult opponent to inexperienced players.

  • Try to lure him away from his original position to get rid of any nearby centaurs and his summoned guards. If his guards chase you, too, try to kill the Trappers to get rid of the traps they set.
  • His attacks can be very powerful, so remember to take potions early enough.
  • If you run out of potions or need a break, simply run a good distance away to the south/east/west. Nessus and his guards break off the chase and return to their camp. However, remember, his health regenerates.


  • In mythology Nessus was a famous centaur killed by Heracles, and in turn his poisoned blood killed Heracles.