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The troubled villager

Quest Boss Barmanu

This is a Side Quest in the Orient (Act III). A man from Shangshung Village is troubled. He says that the nearby Neanderthals have suddenly grown hostile and brazen. Many humans have been attacked and his son has gone missing. He fears the worst and beseeches you to find him.


  1. Talk to Kilu Tem-ba in Shangshung Village to start the quest. Your main task is to find and, if possible, save his son. This quest has a second aspect, some missing sacred weapons you'll learn about in the optional second and third step. Skipping those steps does not affect the quest reward.
  2. Optional step: If you want to, you can go to the temple where the sacred weapons are kept. Leave the road at the bridge in Chumbi Valley and head north, up the mountain. Talk to Ang The-ring at the top of the path, then head across the bridge near him and into the cave. Kill the Shades, look at the weapon pedestals if you want (doesn't trigger anything), then talk to Ang Tshe-ring again.
  3. Optional step: Talk to Da-wa Phu-ti on Tsongmo Peak. He is Kilu Tem-ba's missing son. He admits to having stolen the ancestors' weapons from the temple. He thought he would be a hero. But his very first encounter with monsters was when a group of Neanderthals ambushed him. They seemed much stronger than normal Neanderthals and instead of fighting he ran away. Now they have the sacred weapons, and he cannot return to the village because of his shameful deeds.
  4. Still on Tsongmo Peak, enter the cave and kill the three bosses Yurg Rattlebone, Tor Skullcrusher and Barmanu (look at his page for a battle guide, he can be a tough opponent). Killing them counts as winning back the sacred weapons.
  5. Talk to Kilu Tem-ba in Shangshung Village to finish the quest (the Western Silk Road portal is in that village).

Note: The man at the hidden temple has new things to say after you have met the missing son and heard his story (or maybe later in the quest). He now believes that they are better off without the weapons. They have lead a youth to folly and it would probably be best if they go to someone who is trained at wielding them.


  • Experience: 22k / 55k / 160k (normal / epic / legendary)