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Hence to its name, majority of this region occupied by ruins, which presumably was left by Mycenaean Civilisation.


Points of Interest

Ancient Ruins and Tomb

Many undead warriors and foul beasts will be waiting you in this collapsed halls and underground rooms. Be careful and move slowly or enemies can easily overwhelm you purely by their numbers, when even more of them can pop-up from a ground.


  • Awakened Dead Skeletons (Undead): Minion, Soldier, Archer, Hoplite, Assassin (Champion), Frost Liche (Champion)
  • Plague Bird (Beast)

Inside the Ancient Tomb:

  • Awakened Dead Skeletons  (Undead): Soldier, Archer, Assassin (Champion), Captain (Champion), Frost Liche (Champion)
  • Cave Bat (Beast)
  • Festering Zombie (Undead)


  • Strangely, this place called "Mycenean", not "Mycenaean", which is correct spelling.
  • Mycenaean Greece (or the Mycenaean civilization) was the last phase of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, which precedes time period portrayed in the game. (Wikipedia)
  • Actually, this region in completely optional. You can skip it almost entirely, if you stick to the left rock formation after you enter in region and continue moving to the north, where you will find Rebirth Fountain and passage to the Spartan Woods.

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