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Mummies are Undead people, embalmed and wrapped in cloth. They are only found in Egypt (Act II), and their type is either Embalmed Dead or Desiccated Dead. Like Zombies, mummies are very slow, so they can generally be dealt with with ease.


  • Desiccated Dead. Possible types:
    • Acolyte
    • Adept
    • Assassin
  • Embalmed Dead. Possible types:
    • Archer
    • Brigand
    • Guardian
    • Priest
    • Soldier


  • Acolyte. Caster that hovers above the ground.
  • Adept. Staff-wielding mummy that is faster than other mummies. Also hovers above the ground.
  • Archer. The second most common of mummies. They attack at range with Bow. They sometimes wear pieces of armor.
  • Assassin. Weak mummy that attacks in melee and wears little to no armor.
  • Brigand. Stronger archer mummies that cast EnvenomWeapon.png Envenom Weapon on themselves when they spot the player; they usually wear armor.
  • Guardian. Much Stronger melee mummies that wear heavy armor. They cast EarthEnchantment.png Earth Enchantment on themselves when they spot the player; nearby monster are also affected by the skill. When defeated for the first time, their skins and bandages melt, revealing a faster red, flaming skeleton with full health and energy, that must also be slayed to finally get rid of the monster. There is a small gap of time between when they turn into skeletons and they run towards the player, which can be used to the advantage to defeat them before they come close and wearing heavy armor.
  • Priest. More powerful spellcaster and ranged fighter, sometimes wearing a special Exhumed Armor and an Exhumed Headdress. They have a DeathchillAura.png Deathchill Aura surrounding them, slowing down melee attackers and decreasing their life within a small radius. When defeated, a Shade ~ Fallen Sorceror emerges from it.
  • Soldier. The most common and weakest of mummies. They attack in melee and wear little to no armor.


Hanif the Cruel
Menkaura the Wise
Nexeu, Doomed Prophet
Senusnet Mal


Recommended protection:

BleedingResistance.png Bleeding Resistance
Fire.png Fire Resistance
Poison.png Poison Resistance