Titan Quest Wiki

This is an alphabetical list of monsters encountered in Egypt (Act II).

Ant Lion

Insectoid. Large insects found lurking in desert regions. They remain hidden underground until you approach (look out for lone Bone Piles). Despite their huge appearance, they are just moderate melee fighters and due to their small group size (1-3) not much of a threat.

Bone Scarab

Insectoid. Small and fairly weak brown beetles with a melee attack, found often in caves. They are sometimes accompanied by the more powerful Gruesome Bone Scarabs. Can drop Rigid Carapace monster charm.

Crypt Worm

Insectoid. Large, slow-moving maggot-like creatures found in various caves and tombs. They can drop Vile Ichor monster charms.

Dark Obelisk

Device. Stationary device that frequently creates Hideous Plasmas, fast-moving blueish skeletons. If the obelisk is destroyed, all plasmas it created immediately die along with it.

Desecrated Dead

Undead. Skeletons, similar to those in Greece.

Desert Hag

Beast. It has other variants Sandwing and Bloodwing. Can drop Hag's Skin monster charms.

Diseased Vulture

Beast. Similar to those Plague Birds back in Greece and still fairly weak. They have a poison attack and can drop Diseased Plumage monster charms.

Dune Raider

Demons. Green-skinned reptile-like creatures found in several desert regions, where they have established raider encampments.

Fire Beetle

Insectoid. Orange beetle with a ranged fire attack, that does splash damage. Can drop Rigid Carapace monster charm.

Gruesome Bone Scarab

Insectoid. Larger version of the Bone Scarab with a melee attack and a more powerful poison spray attack. Can drop Rigid Carapace monster charm.

Hideous Plasma

Undead. Blueish fast-moving skeletons, which are created by a Dark Obelisk and, being minions, will die along with the obelisk, if it is destroyed. There are two versions, a melee fighter and a slightly stronger ranged attacker. Instead of dealing with the Plasmas (which can be quite annoying), attack the Obelisk instead.

Hyena Beast

Beast. Canine beasts found in the desert, often near Dune Raiders. There is a gray variant called Slavering Hyena Beast. Can drop the Lupine Claw monster charm.


Beastman. One of the mass-monster types in Egypt and somewhat similar to the Ratman or Satyrs back in Greece. There are many different types, including several magic user variants.

Magma Beetle

Insectoid. Larger orange beetle with a melee and a powerful fire spray attack. Can drop Rigid Carapace monster charm.


Undead. These include Desiccated Dead and Embalmed Dead.


Beastman. Giant humanoid crocodiles, found in the Floodplains and Lower Nile regions. Fairly slow, but they have powerful attacks.

Repugnant Decay

Magical. Animated substance, that is often found in caves. This is the larger version of the Tomb Rot (see below) and has both a ranged and a melee attack.

Revolting Zombie

Undead. Found on various tombs in later Egypt. Slow-moving.

Sandstone Guardian Statue

Construct. Encountered in late-game tombs. Fairly durable with a lot of resistances, but slow melee attackers and come only in small groups.


Demon. Encountered in the deserts beyond Memphis, these guys pop out of the ground (watch out for 'lonely' Bone Piles) and can quickly surround you. Moderate melee attackers, can drop Spectral Matter monster charm.


Insectoid. Giant scorpions with melee poison attacks. Can drop Venom Sac monster charm.


Insectoid. Large humanoid scorpion-creatures wielding weapons, encoutered in the deserts beyond Memphis. Can be quite dangerous in numbers, especially when accompanied by the much stronger Scorpos Manslayer.


Undead. Glowing green and blue ghosts, fast moving, but weak attacks and low health. Can drop Spectral Matter monster charm.

Tomb Guardian - Hound of Anubis

Undead. Large mummified canine found in many tombs. They're fast, quite durable and can be dangerous when surrounding you. Can drop Lupine Claw monster charms.

Tomb Rot

Magical. Some sort of animated substance, found in caves. Often has some type of weapon sticking in it's back. Slow and small groups only.


Device. Stationary device, that frequently launches projectiles into all directions, which cause piercing, cold or fire damage. Same as the ones found in Greece. Can drop Mechanical Parts monster charm.