Monsters (commonly also called mobs) are the many evil creatures you are supposed to fight in order to progress with the game, gain experience or loot weapons and armor. They usually come in groups, have more or less fixed levels and can drop various kinds of general or monster-specific equipment.

Monster Name Colors[edit | edit source]

Monster names appear in different colors, with each color representing a certain class of monster:

  • White: Common monsters.
  • Yellow: Champions. These are stronger than regular monsters and often use special skills. They also have a higher chance to drop higher quality equipment. However, there are usually no more than one or two champions per monster group.
  • Orange: Hero Monsters. They are rarely encountered, have individual names and a star above their heads. They are usually much stronger than regulars or champions and often use powerful skills. Hero monsters have a good chance to drop items of higher quality and give extra experience, when defeated.
  • Red: Boss Monsters. Very special monsters, always found at fixed locations and are often associated with the main quest line or with a side quest. They are usually very strong, use several special skills and net you a lot of experience. Bosses drop a Mystical Orb or guard a Majestic Chest. Mystical Orbs and Majestic Chests have the best chance of dropping Epic and Legendary items.
  • Purple/Pink: Quests monsters. Regular or champion monsters, which need to be killed in order to complete a side quest. Quest monsters generally have a higher chance to drop high quality equipment.

Monster Classes[edit | edit source]

Monsters in Titan Quest always belong to a particular class. The class usually defines some general attributes and is used for certain skills (like the Hunting Mastery's many bonuses versus Beasts and Beastmen) or item attributes (like "% reduced damage from Demons").

Beastman. Half-human, half-animal monsters, mostly based on some mythical creature. Beastmen make up a very large part of the game's menagerie and often come in large groups composed of melee attackers, ranged attackers and spellcasters. Beastmen include Satyrs, Centaurs, Ichthians, Gorgons, Maenads, Jackalmen, Reptilians, Neanderthals, and Tigermen.

Beast. Animals or animal-like creatures, which rarely carry equipment, but often drop Monster Charms. There are usually only a few variants. Beasts include Cave Bats, Boars, Crows, Giant Turtles, Harpies, Hyena Beasts, Pengs and Raptors.

Undead. A fairly large class of monsters, to which skeletons, mummies, wraiths and other inhabitants of the many tombs and ruins in the game belong. Undead monsters are generally immune or highly resistant to poison, vitality and life-leech attacks, and many also have at least some resistance against piercing attacks.

Ghost. A sub-class of monsters, to which wraiths and some other spectral monsters belong. All ghosts are transparent. Ghosts Absorb 60% Physical and Piercing Damage.

Insectoid. Despite bearing some similarity to Beasts and Beastmen, the giant insects and half-human half-insect creatures in Titan Quest belong to their own class. Insectoids include Spiders, Arachnos, Mantids, Scorpions, and Scorpos.

Demon. Various creatures of the underworld, which generally have a chance to drop the Demon's Blood monster charm. Demons include Eurynomus, Orthus, Limos, Dune Raiders, Sand Wraiths and Shadowstalkers, amongst others.

Device. Stationary mechanical devices: Blade Traps, Fire Traps, Frost Traps, and Dark Obelisks. Crystal Traps can be found in Act V (Ragnarok). Devices are generally immune to poison and vitality damage. Drops the Mechanical Parts monster charm.

Construct. Uncommon class of monsters, which are basically some sort of animated substance. Automatoi, the Pharaoh's Honor Guard, Terra Cotta Warriors and Crystal Golems belong to this class and they are generally immune to poison and vitality damage.

Magical. Class of rarely encountered monsters, to which Tomb Rots and Nixies belong. Summoned monsters also belong to this class.

Plant. Another rarely encountered monster class of plant-like creatures, including the Jungle Creeper, Quill Vine and Ascacophus. Most of plants can be encountered in Act III and at the begining of Act IV.

Telkine. The class of a few boss monsters in the game - Megalesios, Aktaios, Ormenos, Lyktos and the Omega Telkine.

Humankind. People that act beastly.

Giant. Huge sized humanoids, like Cyclops and Jotuns (Eldjotun).

Titan. The class of Typhon.

Deity. The final boss Hades. Tyr, Freya, Wodan and Baldr, Loki and Surtr during his second phase from Ragnarök and also Tiamat from the Atlantis Add-on.

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