Melinoe Spear Runner, Blood Witch, Blade Fighter

Melinoe are female Demon monsters encountered in later Act IV.

General information[edit | edit source]

Spear Runner close-up

Melinoe special weapons: Khthonian Razor, Khthonian Spike

Melinoe first appear in the Tower of Judgment and are later encountered in various places in Elysium and Elysium battlefields as well as the Palace of Hades.

They move somewhat fast and can be dangerous in numbers, but otherwise are fairly weak. They react quickly to the hero, sometimes alerting nearby friendly monsters. Melinoe generally have a higher-than-usual Dexterity, resulting in a slightly increased Offensive and Defensive Ability.

Default Resistances (in Normal difficulty):

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Spear Runner / Elite Spear Runner. Basic melee fighter, wields a spear.
  • Blood Acolyte / Blood Adept. Casters and the only ranged variant. They have two types of attacks: a projectile attack called Blood Burst, which deals Bleeding Damage over 2.0 seconds, and an area attack called Blood Boil, which causes Bleeding, Vitality and Life Leech damage.
  • Blade Maiden / Blade Dancer (Champion). Bright blue melee fighter dual-wielding swords. Uses various skills of Warfare Mastery: Onslaught with synergies, Dual Wield with synergies and initially War Wind to close distance and attack nearby pets.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Quest-related[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Queen Leucothea. A Melinoe commander found in Argolis, in the battlefields in Elysium. Leucothea is a caster and needs to be killed in order to complete the quest A Noisy Diversion given by Menestheus. She guards a Majestic Chest.
  • Melinoe appear as main attackers during the Act IV mission The Achaean Pass, where the player needs to defend a standard from three waves of monsters. The third and final wave also has Blade Dancers in it.
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