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The Megara Outskirts is a region north from the City of Megara. A simple path populated by monsters goes through a small village of Undead to the Kerata Forest.

Points of Interest

Overrunned Village

Village located close to Megara, now captured and decimated by Undead forces from Old Eleusis.


  • Dark Satyr  ( Beastman ): Elite Warrior, Elite Skirmisher, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Boar Rider ( Champion ), Ravager ( Champion ), Shaman ( Champion ), Spirit Caller ( Champion ), Pillager ( Champion )
  • Awakened Dead ans Exhumed Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Soldier, Archer, Assassin ( Champion ), Frost Liche ( Champion ), Captain ( Champion )
  • Maenad ( Beastman ): Tracker, Stalker, Huntress ( Champion ), Sorceress ( Champion ), Rogue ( Champion )
  • Regular and Festering Zombie ( Undead ): Soldier
  • Plague Bird ( Beast )

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