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Long and sandy shoreline, which lies to the east of the City of Megara and named after it.


Points of Interest

Natural Cave

A cave filled with various enemies and treasures. Also often you can find a Shrine near the entrance.

Ship Wreckage

Megara Coast littered with many broken parts of drowned ships. Be careful near them or souls of the dead sailors will appear and attack you.


  • Coastal Ichthian ( Beastman ): Myrmidon, Shaman ( Champion )
  • Awakened Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Archer, Soldier, Frost Liche ( Champion ), Captain ( Champion ), Assassin ( Champion )
  • Festering Zombie ( Undead )
  • Plague Bird ( Beast )
  • Wraith ( Undead ): Drowned Sailor
  • Giant Turtle ( Beast ): Salt Snapper, Salt Spitter

Inside the Natural Cave:


  • Local level 15 Drowned Sailors don't have added "Ghost" category in description, possibly due a bug.

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