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Your Gods Will Not Save You!



Megalesios is one of the five Telkines. He is a powerful sorcerer with several lightning attacks. You encounter him in The Room of the Conduit, at the end of Act 1. He is also the Telkine that appears in the intro movie of the game.


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


At the beginning of the battle, he erects a magical barrier around himself that you cannot pass through, and he animates four guardian statues to protect him while he destroys the Celestial Conduit.

Megalesios' attacks depend on how close the player is. If you are far away, he has two attacks. The first is a slow-moving projectile that disrupts skills for a short time. The second is a variation of the Thunderball that splits into small spots of electricity if it hits. If the player is close by he will attempt to use a blast that is extremely accurate and does a fair amount of damage, but has no special effects. He also has an electric energy wave that he will only use if you are right next to him.

Every once in awhile he casts a spell to take control of any nearby player pets (like Wolves). The affected pets will have a small red skull icons above their heads. However, this effect is temporary and lasts only a few seconds. Occasionally he also summons two Limos that leech your life and feed it to Megalesios


Important resistances:

You should have no problem with the Guardian Statues, as they are very weak. As soon as Megalesios summons the Limos, kill them instantly to prevent them filling up the Telkine's life. Also improve Vitality resistance to prevent them alfrom leeching too much life. With 60-70% lightning resistances, Megalesios is very easy to defeat.

The conversion of any pets is temporary and lasts only a few seconds. Also, if you move a certain distance away from Megalesios, the pets break off the chase and return to their temporary master. When the effect wears off, the pets are teleported back to the player's position. You can also use his own attack against him by using the Spirit mastery and mind controlling one of his Limos.


Megalesios was originally supposed to summon a ghost of himself uppon dying. Maybe it was supposed to be a second phase.